AT&T wireless employees across the country are gravely concerned that the company’s increased reliance on outsourced retail operations is lowering standards for both customers and workers.

As 21,000 wireless workers in 36 states negotiate with AT&T for a fair union contract, they are speaking out against the outsourcing of customer service.

  • I worked at three AT&T dealer stores. At one store I was paid just $7.25 an hour. The dealers kept our stores so understaffed that it was hard to give customers adequate attention.
  • Instead of working with us for good-paying, middle-class jobs, AT&T is outsourcing the operation of more than 60% of retail stores to low-wage, low-quality 3rd party dealers.

What are third-party dealers?

Third-party cell phone dealers, known as “authorized retailers,” look the same as corporate-run stores, but behind the logo, there are substantial differences in training, compensation and incentive pay, all of which lead to worse outcomes for customers and employees at the dealer-run stores. Customers regularly complain that dealers fail to disclose the terms of a sale and sign up customers for plans without their knowledge.

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By The Numbers

A survey of over 1,300 AT&T corporate employees found serious problems with third party dealers.
86% said customers reported dealers failed to disclose terms of service.
83% said customers reported dealers referred them to corporate stores to handle service issues, requiring customers to spend even more time to get issues resolved.
64% said customers reported dealers enrolled them in services not requested.